Christmas Trees!

Brighton and Hove (and Haywards Heath) Christmas Trees supplies and delivers high quality locally grown real Christmas trees to the residents and businesses of Brighton and Hove and Haywards Heath.

Our trees our grown under the membership of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) ensuring the highest possible quality.

Stocks are limited so order now to avoid disappointment


At Brighton and Hove Christmas Trees we only supply premium graded Christmas Trees and make every effort to ensure you’ll love the tree we deliver. We offer a wide choice of locally grown Christmas trees that range in size from 80 cm potted trees to 13 ft trees. With 4 different species to chose from you are bound to find the tree that will make your Christmas special.

Let us make your Christmas easier. We will select and deliver a Christmas tree to meet your requirements with the added options of cutting and installing the Christmas trees and collecting them in the new year to be recycled!

View our trees and prices using the links above, then decided just how easy you want us to make your Christmas.

We will deliver your Christmas Trees for FREE!! Don’t miss out on our other services designed to make your life easier, details below.

Trees for Businesses

We understand that the requirements of businesses may be different to that of households and will do our best to be flexible to your business needs. If you are ordering a Christmas trees for your business and have any special requirements please contact us to see if we can help.

 Cut & Install

As you will have seen under Caring for your Tree it is recommended you cut an inch off the base of the trunk of the tree to maximise water take up.

We will do this for you as well as removing any base branches you request and standing the tree ensuring the Christmas tree has enough water to get you going.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please select the option Cut & Install on the Place an Order page.

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icon-delivery-e1286360546932 Free Delivery

We cut our trees to order to ensure they reach you as fresh as possible. The trees don’t spend days crammed into pallets waiting to be distributed to outlets, nor are they shipped overseas or around the country. We therefore need to limit our delivery options.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to charge for delivery outside of the BN1, BN2 and BN3 postcodes. A delivery charge of £10 will apply to BN10 and BN43.  If you would like to order a Christmas Tree outside of these post codes please send us an enquiry and we will confirm if we can deliver to your address. Alternatively  If you order outside of these postcodes we will contact you to confirm if we can fulfill your order and if there will be an alternative delivery charge.

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recycle-e1286360521467 Collection & recycling

We have been helping to recycle hundreds of Christmas trees in Brighton and Hove for the past 5 years and will collect and recycle all the trees we supply from an additional £5.00 per tree. The Christmas trees will be turned into woodchip and used in parks, nature trails and gardens.

Leave your tree outside on your chosen collection date and we will ensure we collect and recycle your tree – From £5.00

If you prefer we can remove your tree from the stand, wrap it and tidily remove the tree from your premises – From £10.00

So why recycle?

Of the six million trees that brighten up homes and offices across Britain each Christmas, figures show that only 10% are recycled for composting and wood chipping.  The rest goes into landfill!!

We believe strongly that all Christmas trees that can’t be re-planted should be recycled; which is why we offer to do it so cheaply. If you can’t get your Christmas tree to a recycling point then please let us do it for you.

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