Collection & Recycling

Since 2008 we have been helping to recycle hundreds of Christmas trees in Brighton and Hove and will collect and recycle all the trees we supply from as little as £7.50 per tree. The Christmas trees will be turned into woodchip and used in parks, nature trails and gardens.

Leave your tree outside on your chosen collection date and we will ensure we collect and recycle your tree.

If you prefer we can remove your tree from the stand, wrap it and tidily remove the tree from your premises.

So why recycle?

Of the six million trees that brighten up homes and offices across Britain each Christmas, figures show that only 10% are recycled for composting and wood chipping. The rest goes into landfill!!

We believe strongly that all Christmas trees that can’t be re-planted should be recycled; which is why we offer to do it so cheaply. If you can’t get your Christmas tree to a recycling point then please let us do it for you.

Simply select the collect and recycle option as part of your order and select your preferred collection date from the options provided.

We also recycle Christmas trees we have not supplied, if you feel this service would benefit you please contact us to arrange your collection.