Trees & Sizes

Not sure what species of Christmas tree is right for you? Hopefully our images and descriptions will help you decide.

Nordman Fir

An increasingly popular tree on the market, originating from the Caucus region of southwest Russia and northwest Turkey. It’s luxuriant glossy foliage grows in an open, layered form.

This tree is increasingly popular because of it’s needle retention characteristics. These characteristics make this style of tree more expensive than the equivalent size of Norway Spruce.

Norway Spruce

This is the traditional style Christmas tree. A native of Europe, Norway Spruce formed the bulk of the Christmas tree trade until the arrival of the non-drop varieties. It remains extremely popular. When used inside we strongly recommend that you use a stand with a water reservoir to enable the tree to remain fresh throughout the Christmas period.

Blue Spruce

This species has a distinctive blue colour when grown correctly and when the correct seed source is used. It’s appearance is more open than the Norway Spruce and it’s needles can be sharp to touch. It has good needle retention capabilities.

Serbian Spruce

At first glance this delightful tree can appear similar to the Norway Spruce but its growth is soft and slender forming graceful trees with a distinctive silver underside to the upturned tips of it’s branches.

It is particularly notable for it’s compact size, reflecting it’s natural habitat in the Balkans where the trees need to shed snow in order to survive.

Both the Blue Spruce and Serbian Spruce are great looking trees and a fantastic alternative if you fancy something different this Christmas!

Due to limited stocks this tree is only available if you have had one from us previously and is on request only.  Please email us with your requirements if you would like a Serbian Spruce. 

Christmas Tree Sizes

All trees are measured to the tip of the leader (the top of the tree)

The size options presented are the minimum height your tree will be.  Trees within each size category could range between the minimum height specified and the start of the next size category.  If you would like a tree of specific height, we will try to meet your needs as closely as possible. Please add your requirements to the comments box within the checkout page when you make your order.

So now you know the Christmas tree you want please go to the Place an Order page to your chose from the available sizes.  Don’t forget to order your water holding stand!